Shipping address and seller protection with Funnelish PayPal payments

(Davide Guarneri) #1


I have been using Funnelish to add a PayPal payments option to my ClickFunnel for a few days now.

One alarming thing I noticed is that when the customer chooses to pay with PayPal, in my PayPal account the customer’s address doesn’t show (but it does in the “contacts” section of ClickFunnels).

When I select the individual payment, each and every time it says “Payments without a shipping address are not covered by PayPal’s seller protection policies and programs”, even though the customer had to enter their address in ClickFunnels.

This is obviously alarming as I won’t be able to dispute claims. It doesn’t happen with PayPal payments I eceive from other sources (such as Shopify), how do I fix this?

Paypal transaction report doesn't show the shipping address