Simplifying Paypal payments on OTO pages (Clickfunnels)

(Damo) #1

I have integrated Paypal v2 (Sandbox) with Clickfunnels. In general test went well, but the problem is that on OTO & Downsell Pages, user have to choose source of payment again, confirm etc. what means few additional steps. Also my standard button which has CTO (Call to Action) changed to Paypal button so CTO text is not visible. Is there any way to simplify it? Can funnelish help with this or it will be the same? Unfortunatelly I do not have stripe so Paypal is the only option for me to receive payments and OTO is crucial for me.

I have read that we need to enable ‘Reference Transactions’ – is it also needed when we would use Funnelish or Funnelish makes it more user friendly?

I will be grateful for some advices and answers.

Regards, Damo