Strange error when trying to pay with Paypal

(Codie Vincent) #1

Hey guys,

I seem to have a super strange issue, I’ve finally figured out how to install the Paypal plugin and it shows up on the 2 step order form.

The trouble I find myself in is the following:

When I click on “Complete Order” I get this:

Eventually though it takes me over to Paypal, but shows me this:

(sin) #2

interesting can you PM me the link to that order form please.

Also that error perhaps means you are using Multi-Qty or something! or have an issue in your product setup :slight_smile:

(Codie Vincent) #3

I did an experiment using the Paypal 2.0 app to see what happens, it get a different strange error:

I want to document this error, so anyone in the future can self diagnose and fix themselves.

(Codie Vincent) #4

I’ve now switched over to the regular Paypal App, and turned off all other apps.

I no longer get the “order-declined-message” you can see in the original post, however it does take me over to Paypal and show me that strange error message (second image, original post).

(Codie Vincent) #5

I can’t believe I didn’t look at this in the first place - turns out I didn’t add the pricing inside of Funnelish app.

I think it’s working now.

(sin) #6

Yup that’s the usual issue,

For PayPal v2, you can give it a try to, but keep in mind V2 and Fancify need to be configured first before using them… under Funnel > Settings > Apps

Good luck,

(Codie Vincent) #7

Paypal V2 appears to be working, thank you so much.

I’ll be deploying a live campaign this weekend, I look forward to displaying my results.