Stuck on the submit and retry with paypal

(Kevin Reid) #1

I see a lot of others has same issue and i have went through the steps they were given to rectify it but still i am stuck with it not processing on order page.

Any help appreciated.

(Kevin Reid) #2

Version 1 works but version 2 is causing submit and retry. Anyone?

(Samantha Lee) #3

Thanks for bringing this thread up, so for version 2, I believe you haven’t setup your gateway correctly.

V2 can be a bit tricky, you’ll have to follow the instructions in this article

In order to setup a PayPal gateway correctly, if just getting started it’s advicable to just stick with v1 till you get used to the whole concept :slight_smile:

Other than that I believe you need to share a sample page in order to tell what’s wrong specifically… each case can be different.

Generally, it should be just a misconfiguration since v1 worked for you.

Let me know how that goes.

(Edy Chandra) #4

Hi Samlee,
is Paypal Plugin V1 not working anymore?

My Paypal button just disappeared.