Thank you page and downloading products


How does a customer go about downloading the products they purchased after investing using the PayPal option?

After going through and making a successful test purchase, the order confirmation page is blank (as expected) but I haven’t received any emails in the account I purchased through.

(Samantha Lee) #2

Have you setup any automations at all for the PayPal products?!

Since for some reason 3rd Party products, should have their own automations setup.

As for the Order confirmation page, I think Clickfunnels does NOT update it with purchases except from Stripe/CC… So best way is to use an ordinary thank you page for PayPal, You can keep a separate page for Stripe though!


How do I go about doing that?

(Samantha Lee) #4

On clickfunnels, when setting up your products under 3rd party access section, you can set some automation… (eg. to add the buyer to a specific email list).

The same can be done from within funnelish Automations tab… but i think that’s still beta!


Alright I think I know what I’m doing wrong.

In the screenshot below is the only “product” I have, which is just the basic setup to get the webhook URL.

Is that where I need to add in the every product throughout the funnel so that an email can get sent out to the customers for each product they picked up?

(Samantha Lee) #6


That’s the tracking part, each product ID should be copied from Funnelish… read the instructions at /Apps > PayPal Plugin > "How it works?"


Any product I add after the FE product is showing up as an integration with Infusionsoft when I go to edit it, even though I selected PayPal from the dropdown when I first created it.

And as shown in the dropdown, the PayPal integration disappears when I go to edit it.

Is there a way to fix this?