The Paypal option stalls out in the order form

(Allen Pearson) #1

When using the Order Form in Clickfunnels, The Paypal checkout is stalling and showing and saying “Processing…” after clicking the Pay button. It doesn’t finish the purchase. Does it have to do with custom code or maybe being in Test Mode? After clicking the pay button, it never goes to the Paypal Pay page.

(Samantha Lee) #2

Hi Allen,

I think it could be that you don’t have an email box in your order form do you? if that’s not the case can you share your order form URL? or email us the link if can’t share it in here.

(Douglas) #3

Having the same problem. is there anyway for funnelish to start post trouble shooting on your youtube page?

I spent the last 6 hrs stuck on this problem.