What's Clickfunnels Affiliate Payout?


(isoft) #1

How much Click Funnels pays to affiliates?

(James Harson) #2

Click Funnels pays 40% on all their products commissions, except their free + shipping offers. And pays 5% on all sales made by affiliates you refer.

ClickFunnels commissions are paid weekly after the 30 day refund period as long as there is a minimum of $50. earned. Thanks for being a ClickFunnels affiliate and promoting our software and other products.

Clickfunnels offers some monthly paid plans, with 40% monthly commission for life.

Here is a list of commissions offered by Clickfunnels for the time being:

Product Commission Details
Clickfunnels 40% Monthly Monthly for life, CF costs $97/mo up to $997/mo you can find out more about clickfunnels pricing here
ClickFunnels Certified Partner program $500 You refer people to the webinar registration page through your affiliate link. They watch the webinar and then go complete the application. Then Clickfunnels highly skilled sales guys talk to them on the phone to make sure it is a good fit. If it is they enroll them into the Certified Partner Program and you get a $500 commission. Clickfunnels team closes the sale for you. All you have to do is get people to register for the webinar and complete the application. They do the rest.
DCS 108 Split Tests (Free Book) $0-$197.60 The book is given away for free (plus shipping), But you get paid 40% on every single upsell the visitor decides to take.
DotComSecrets Book (Free Book) $0-$291.20 As the previous book on this list, the DotCom Secrets is given away for free, thus the commissioning starts from $0 up to $291.20 direct commission. Alongside any sales made through followup.
Expert Secrets (FREE BOOK) $1-$456.40 As the previous books, The Expert Secrets book is given for free (plus shipping) as well. But this time it goes a bit extrem as you literally should be earning anywhere from $1 minimum up to $456.40 for each book you give away.
Funnel Graffiti $0-$26.80 monthly + $118.80 Funnel Graffiti is a set of Funnel-ish sketchs and drawings. It kind of upsells into Funnel University which can get you $26.80 on a monthly basis and/or Funnel Immersion with a one time commission of $118.80

(Sam) #3

As a general rule of thumb Clickfunnels or (Etison LLC & Russell Brunson the company & the guy behind Clickfunnels) pays a 40% commission to all their affiliate referrals. and they pay 5% on all sales made through affiliates you refer. I haven’t seen any of their products yet to which that rule doesn’t apply.

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I think that 40% rule doesn’t apply to their 2 Comma Club Coaching program. I believe they only give out 20%. But it’s still a high price program goes up to 14K!

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Yeah I mean isoft has the most straight-forward and to the point answer. Honestly, this software is not the EASIEST to promote because in general, they just get their affiliates to promote it rather than directly promoting it (based on the ads i found).
BUT the payoff is really sweet if you can find your target market as an affiliate. I mean 40% is pretty high compared to other crappy clickbank products.
If you want the full, and entire clickfunnels affiliate commission structure, I lay it all out here:

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@theEntrShack Very lovely article :slight_smile: well detailed… though it might use some better structuring…

PS. i read it all.