What's the difference between Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft?


(sin) #1

Can anyone elaborate on the difference between Click Funnels versus InfusionSoft?

What are the best alternatives to Clickfunnels?
(Zawro (Software Integration)) #2

Hi yassine. Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation software. Meaning it does all your sales and marketing stuff, automatically. It has built in customer database to store everything, has chats, follow ups, tracking, can connect with accounting software and many more. Clickfunnels just focus on the sales funnel only. SO it has lots of good built in templates for landing page, and it just focus on getting leads. Some people connect their Clickfunnels into their Infusionsoft, so the leads they can track and get more details from their leads. You can get more information for Infusionsoft here. It talks about all the different stuff Infusionsoft can do.