Where is Proofy?

(Joe) #1

I have Proofy activated in my apps and also within each funnel, but I have never seen it.
I’ve opened different pages in incognito to test, I get customers daily so I figure there are transactions for it to show.
Am I missing something?
Where does it show up and how do I get it to work properly?


(Joe) #2

I have also switched on the Manage Customers Data toggle in my profile.

(sin) #3

Hmm… Interesting, but please keep in mind there are few apps that require being configured first at Funnel level before using them (eg. Proofy and PayPal App v2).

So I doubt that maybe you forgot to do any configuration for Proofy to work on.

Go under Your Funnel > Settings > Apps > Proofy (click it) then make sure to provide valid configuration…