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Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2021?

May 17, 2021
Anna B

Affiliate marketing, now a marketing buzzword, is a long-lasting concept that has been happening for years. It has its good and bad connotations, and you’re likely to see the good and ugly sides of it out there.

The good side? True affiliate marketing based on a solid product, and a solid offer – that can generate you real money. Just ask those who have been successful with this model like Pat Flynn, who has made over $50,000 from affiliate marketing.

The ugly side? There are always people out there in every industry that try to get a quick buck, with a scammy product and methods. We are not going to teach you how to do that here, so if you’re looking for a “get rich quick” method, get out of here!

In this article, we’ll take a more focused approach on this marketing model, see how it works, and if affiliate marketing is still worth it in 2021.


  1. Affiliate marketing – what is it?
  2. How does affiliate marketing work?
  3. Affiliate marketing programs
  4. Affiliate marketing for beginners
  5. Should you be a ClickFunnels’ affiliate?
  6. So… is affiliate marketing still worth in 2021?

Affiliate marketing – what is it?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing model that is based on the idea that the company offers a certain incentive (typically a commission), for anyone who can bring them a new customer by whatever means.

So… is affiliate marketing still worth it in 2021?

Definitely yes! If you are someone with sales skills and big wishes, then you can absolutely make money out of affiliate marketing in 2021 by taking the right steps! The principle is simple, find something that you like, share it with your friends and audience, and make money out of it! Performance-based work can definitely generate more income for the company and the affiliate. In-lieu of the Pandemic, more people spend more time online (Social networking websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok).

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works pretty simply. Any company offering products or services that they want affiliates to promote will have a system set in place for you.

Typically you create an account and then are provided with links that you give out for people to checkout with. These links are specific to you, so anyone who uses them to make a purchase is tracked as a purchase from you!

The commissions offered in exchange can differ between companies, but on average, they can stand somewhere between 5% and 30%.

Affiliate marketing programs

If you want to enroll in an affiliate marketing program, there is no shortage of options on the market. From Amazon and eBay to software and programs you use every day.

To choose what brands you want to partner with, it’s important that you choose either something you know about and love, have experience with, have an interested audience, or are dedicated to seeing succeed.

Choosing a product to promote just because it “seems easy” is actually harder to succeed with, but that doesn’t mean that some people don’t succeed with that.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

If you are a beginner on this journey, then follow the guide below to get started the right way:

  • First, you will need to do your research and find the product or service that you are passionate about and like, and check if they have an affiliate program.
  • Once you have found your specific niche and product, then you can go ahead and contact that specific company stating that you are interested in an affiliate collaboration. Most of the time you will just need to fill out a simple form for this.
  • You will then likely be asked to sign an Affiliate Agreement, which must be correctly understood before any further actions. Among the things you may want to pay attention to in your Affiliate Agreement, there can be specific terms, the relationship between the parties or responsibilities, and much more.
  • Once everything’s agreed on, you will receive your unique affiliate link, and you can start promoting that specific product!
  • Selling your affiliate product entirely depends on you, and so you should come up with your own marketing strategy. If you already have a channel that generates traffic (Social Media account as Facebook or Instagram, Youtube channel, blog), then you can share the link with your followers and so every purchase of that product that came from you will bring you some money.

Should you be a ClickFunnel’s affiliate?

If you are passionate about e-commerce and sales funnels, then how about mixing up two services coming from the same sphere?

ClickFunnels is already offering this option of becoming an affiliate of their books and memberships.

Funnelish is designed as a little helper for ClickFunnels, offering over 24 apps & integrations that can scale up your sales funnel’s numbers.

And guess what? Funnelish offers its affiliates agreements of 35% commissions!

So let’s do some simple math – you are both ClickFunnels and Funnelish affiliate. You sold one ClickFunnels monthly membership of $97 and one Funnelish monthly plan of $29, then you will get from one sale of these 2 platforms somewhere around $48.95 EVERY month! Isn’t that just amazing??

Already a Funnelish member? Then sign up to be an affiliate and start raking in those monthly commissions!

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