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7 Most Profitable Products for Print on Demand Sites in 2022

January 25, 2022

There are plenty of print on demand sites that allow you to print digital copies of your book, photo, or other designs. Customized manufactured-to-order items with your own designs are available through print on demand. You design the item, the customer purchases it, and a third-party printing service produces and delivers the goods.

Another benefit of working with print on demand sites is that you won’t pay for a product until you’ve sold it, eliminating the need to put out money upfront, purchase in bulk, or maintain inventory.

With print on demand, your marketing expenses will be reduced. Everything after the sale, from printing to packing to delivery, is handled by your printing provider when you use to print on demand.

So, which print-on-demand goods are the greatest? Here are seven fantastic products if you’re just getting started.

What are the most profitable products for Print on demand sites?

Finding profitable products to sell on print on demand sites is key to your business success. These are the most popular products to sell.


Mugs are one of the most popular print on demand items because they’re so adaptable and are used frequently. Mug sales rise and fall with the seasons, although they remain constant during the holidays.

With a little imagination, your mug possibilities are endless. Some top sellers may be a colorful cup with an interior. Enamel mugs are also quite popular these days. They’re reminiscent of a tin cup commonly used for camping, making them easy to create and personalize with colorful designs and slogans.

All-over-print hoodies

The all-over print hoodie is a must-have for budding artists who want to try something new and exciting. You could previously only put a logo or design on the front, back, and sleeves of a hoodie. However, you may now print on every area of the garment.

All-over print hoodies are extremely popular right now in the streetwear apparel industry, which is why a lot of well-known personalities sell all-over print hoodies as part of their product line.

When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that all-over print hoodies are more difficult to produce than regular hoodies, so they will cost more to make and sell. That is why you may charge a greater price for an all-over print hoodie than a regular hoodie.


Jewelry comes in a variety of forms and sizes, and it’s frequently small and light, making it ideal for shipment. It’s also the ideal blank canvas for personalized designs and etchings.

When it comes to jewelry crafting, there are a plethora of options available. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anything else may be made. Charms are especially nice because you can print text and pictures on them. They’re also excellent as presents.

When you look into it, you’ll discover a wide range of jewelry items. There are circle necklaces, hexagon necklaces, heart necklaces, and bar chains to name a few. Alternatively, you could go for a bar chain bracelet or hexagon-engraved earrings.

The next step with your print-on-demand jewelry is to create designs that are extremely niche-specific. Making jewelry is time-consuming and expensive, so many manufacturers ignore small portions of consumers and niches. Print-on-demand jewelry is ideal for these targeted groups because you don’t have to worry about running out of stock.

Unisex T-shirts

It’s never a bad time to start an online t-shirt business. T-shirts are extremely flexible because they can be worn in all seasons.

While swimwear is only relevant in the summer and sweaters are only necessary in the winter, t-shirts may be worn all year round as a single layer in the summer and under heavier things in the winter.

T-shirts are so popular that many different varieties may be found on product sourcing applications, which can be intimidating when you’re starting out.


If you want to sell your work online, you don’t have to sell expensive oil paintings or abstract canvases. You may sell posters that are both accessible and appealing to a wide audience rather than just a small group of people.

Posters have been popular for many years, and they are likely to continue to be so. After all, would you rather have a blank wall or a wall covered in artwork that you enjoy?

Tote bags

Tote bags are a fantastic print-on-demand product to include in your store since they’re simple to make. The designs are etched onto a flat, rectangular surface, so they may be easily modified and reused. You may also promote the matching tote bag as an upsell or cross-sell using sales funnel builder like funnelish.

Launch your print-on-demand tote bags as a freebie or at a reduced rate if the purchase meets certain requirements. This helps current consumers advertise your business to potential new clients who see the tote bags out in public.

Phone cases

Phone cases are another popular product that print-on-demand services are readily able to print for you.

Phone cases are protective, ensure that you don’t need additional accessories for your phone, and allow consumers to show off their personalities. There’s also no need to be concerned about inventory since print on demand products only print the products after they’re ordered. This means that there’s no risk of running out of stock unless you print too many cases.


There are many more products to sell on print on demand sites to help turn a profit. The above are popular products that print-on-demand services print, but they’re not the only products that print on demand companies can print, there are also a lot more cool desk accessories that also can be printed. 

Of-course after you find your design & products all you have to do it make sure you optimise them well to rank organically on search results with SEO optimization tool and you good to go! 

Was there any print on demand product that was especially profitable for you?

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