Address Auto-populate - Restricting results to a county


(Jonny) #1

To improve the quality of the data that’s collected, having the ability restrict results in the address auto-populate plugin to a certain country would be advantageous. I’m sure that this can be done however I cannot find the setting. Have I missed something or is this feature not available?

(Samantha Lee) #2

That’s actually a good feature that got requested once before I think we should add it to our todo list, @yassine @Flavia

(Jonny) #3

What is the time frame on this? Is it possible that I can develop for you / with you?

(Samantha Lee) #4

I don’t really know much about that @JonnyCage, hopefully it can be introduced soon, we have some more important updates delaying it but it should be out soon, for specific timeframe i have no idea tbh,

I will update this thread as I have more details

(sin) #5

Hello @JonnyCage,

Your requested feature has been rolled out finally phew :sweat_smile:

We also rolled out some improvements to the Smart Address app :slight_smile: