Bluesnap Integrations error



Im trying to pay with a credit cart using Bluesnap as a gateway.
Once i try to create the order the form seems to be stuck on submitting,

Bluesnap support team says the problem might be with Clickfunnels,
Clickfunnels support team says the problem might be with Bluesnap
and im wondering if it might be a problem with funnelish?

Would appreciate your advice :slight_smile:


(Samantha Lee) #2

:joy::rofl::rofl: That’s funny, well at Funnelish we Looooove taking responsibility, and we’d love to help you fix it whether it was caused by Funnelish or not, after all, that’s what this open community is for :wink:

PM me your order form link, and will be happy to look further into it



Im seeing some failed CC payments attempts.

As always, Bluesnap blame Clickfunnels and vice versa.

Might it be related to funnelish?

Any history of CC problems with Bluesnap?

(sin) #4

Hmm… I thought the first problem was fixed, but as for Failed payments, that’s really hard to debug, we had before a case with Bluesnap, but back then we didn’t fully support Bluesnap itself… but now I think in order to check any Failed payments you’ll have to send us some screen recordings and explain how we can reproduce the issue on our end :slight_smile: If you do that we will be happy to help find the root of the problem and if it’s linked to us we will fix it


Hi Yassine,

I’ve PMed you.


Hi Guys,

I truly appreciate your lovely app and the support you’re offering but the response rate is really slow,
I mean im answered once every day.

Just sharing my feedback.

(Samantha Lee) #7

Hello @Admin_Dealzz,

So sorry about that, PM’s are usually slow to be handled we so sorry as they are handled one-on-one basis and case by case :slight_smile: We’ll try to improve it as much as we can, and btw sometimes PM’s go unoticed so it’s a good idea PM’ing us both that way your PM will certainly receive an answer faster