Didn't receive login info!

(Nick Garcia) #1

I signed up and payed a few hours ago and still haven’t received a way to utilize the Paypal app. Anyone know where I can get the code? Itching to start using this on my order forms! Thanks!

(sin) #2

Hi Nick,

Sorry about that :slight_smile: can u please tell me what’s your payer email and through what link you signed up so I can track the issue down, at the same time arranging your account instantly :slight_smile:

Yassine Y.


Yassine, I am having the same problem.

payment email- -------
Not sure what link signed up through.



(James Harson) #4

Hey Brandon @a1marketing,

Could you please check both of your emails, payer one and optin one, Clickfunnels sends the login details to the payer email, and sometimes it can take up to 5mins…

Also, In the post above you’ve mentioned your own private email publicly and that can make it prone to spam and hacking so always keep your private stuff private :slight_smile: if want to pm me or yassine your email or something just use the “Message” feature and PM anything :slight_smile: other than that feel free to start new posts or topics about anything.



Hey James, thanks for the response.

I will check again right now.


No emails on either account. Only from here, no the app.

(James Harson) #7

@a1marketing ok give me a moment to check and can you pm me both your payer and optin emails.

(Ajay Bahl) #8

I signed up about an hour ago and haven’t received my login info either.

(sin) #9