Funnelish not working

(Michael Föhringer) #1

Hello, I’ver just bought funnelish and wanted to connect one of my funnels.

After connecting PayPal & activating the PayPal plugin, I created a new funnel.

I can only insert the funnel name and connect it to clickfunnels (without entering my actual clickfunnels login credentials?). After the funnel ist created, I can’t do anything. When I log out and back in, the funnel is gone.

Can you please help me to make it work?


(sin) #2

Hello @Michael_Fohringer,

Hmm, That’s weird problem? when did it happen? (as we had an update about 2 hours ago could’ve caused your funnel to not be saved correctly) but for that particular issue I think contacting the email support would be better and provide your account email and the Funnel you were trying to add…

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Michael Föhringer) #3

It happened an hour ago and I’m still not able to create any funnels…

Where do I contact email support?

(sin) #4

It’s [email protected]

And that’s weird I double checked on our side Funnels seem to be created normally :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Michael Föhringer) #5

Very strange, how can we fix this? We want to launch the ad in 3 days. until then everything should work together :confused:

(Samantha Lee) #6

Hey @Michael_Fohringer,

Can you confirm that you are still facing the issue after clearing your cache or hard refresh? and have you contacted our support email?