How Do I connect Clickfunnels to funnlish?

(Ryahaloms) #1

Hi there,

Just bought the funnelish app and I’m looking at youtube videos to help me connect it to my clickfunnels funnel.

When I create a new funnel I cant find the web hook field… Its just asks me for the funnel name.

Any ideas?


(Chris George) #2

Having the same issue. The youtube video is way outdated and they have no set up doc’s just this forum which is totally unacceptable.

(Edgar Mendez) #3

Same here! Just bought this and I the tutorial doesn’t match up.
I have no idea where to start.
Is there an updated tutorial?

(Edgar Mendez) #4

Ok, so I think the problem was that I was clicking on the “pencil” icon thinking that this would let me edit the funnel, but that pencil icon is only there to edit the name of the funnel.
If I click directly on the name of the funnel THEN I can see the rest of the options.
The UX is not very clear on this…