How to correctly setup your Paypal products for the Paypal Plugin?


(Antoine Morales) #64

Ok nice I will test the “fancify” app! The translation was not working earlier today, but it work now!

(sin) #65

weird I personally don’t like that funnel style u have it’s not a good one :smiley: you could do better from the free funnels out there, CF themselves they had the tech skills to manipulate their funnel so they made it look “decent” not an awesome one though over charged with annoying content that’s why I didn’t buy “Expert Secrets At all” :smiley:
Instead the “Dotcom Secrets” one got me straight in :wink: even before I know what is CF or Russell Brunson… because it was so simple, clean (not dark :stuck_out_tongue: since usually Dark means something bad is going to happen once you give out your email and sensitive info).

Hope that helps those are just some random funnelish tips/ideas :smiley:

(Stacy C.) #66

We have a downsell page, does the plugin work with that as well?

(sin) #67

Yep It works with down-sells/upsells/cross-sells/order bumps @Stacy-C

(Stacy C.) #68

Can you possibly walk through how it works on OTO pages?

I have everything working on our order page. I have the products set up on Funnelish and ClickFunnels for the OTO page, however, nothing shows on the OTO pages. I’m note entirely sure what I should be seeing to make sure that it is setup correctly.

(sin) #69

That’s exactly the point from this Paypal App :wink: Not seeing any difference whether your customers used Paypal/CC the experience stays seamlessly the same.

As for testing out your setup/OTOs before going live check this article I wrote about that:

Btw, I didn’t know you are part of our user base before! :o feel free to join our Facebook Group - "Clickfunnels Practical"


(Spencer Mecham) #70

@yassine you are one patient person my friend. I thought I did everything right, but I guess not.

I have a basic order page with an order bump ($197 and $49). I have entered two products in Paypal and in my funnel settings. One is $197 and the other (the product + order bump) is $248.

But when I go to test purchase, the cost shows up as $445 (the price of the product AND the product + order bump. Instead of just the price of the product+order bump.

Any idea why this would be happening?

(sin) #71

“In Paypal” I thought you’ve upgraded to the new app :slight_smile: didn’t you?!!

If you are talking about the funnelish app, then the setup should be exactly IDENTICAL to stripe’s (or whatever other gateway you might be using) so if you have lets say:

  1. Product $197
    2.OB $49

Then in our App it should EXACTLY show that one product and one Order bump product (no addition or hard wiring is needed from your side we do everything on our end).

But on Clickfunnels just for tracking purposes, you MIGHT want to show OB price + the product’s just so that YOU see it, it won’t affect anything else :slight_smile:

I know you probably got used to the old plugin, but within the app just setup things clean and easy so that in case we rolled out any update/improvement to the flow which we always do :smiley: at least once a week, then it won’t break anything on your account.

RECALL: On Funnelish, setup one product and one Order bump, and on Clickfunnels for tracking setup one product, and (one product + OB).

That’s it :slight_smile:
hope that helps,

(Spencer Mecham) #72

You are a freakin wizard! I didn’t realize it was simplified even more. So I don’t even need to enter products in PayPal then?

When I get this thing running I’m going to make sure every CF user on the planet signs up for it haha

(sin) #73

Cool thanks, and YEP you don’t need to even touch your Paypal account at all :slight_smile: and you can use a different paypal account on each funnel you have.

(Lynne J) #74

After your updates the instruction screenshots look a little different.
After reading other posts - I’m repeating this to make sure I understand.

  • I added the Webhook, which I got by adding a product under 3rd Party Access.
  • In CF, under 3rd party Access I set up one product and one product + Bump. It doesn’t matter what the price is.
  • I set up all the products in Funnelish App with the correct prices.
  • If I only set up 3rd party Access once, where do I put the subsequent Product id?
  • When I go back into 3rd Party and click Edit to check settings, there is no longer a Paypal integration or 3rd party id field.
  • Will CF know the actual prices of the paid items to include correct figures in my Stats?
    ** Nothing has to be done on PayPal side?

(Lynne J) #75

Do I have to set up something different if I’m using email Automation and not the Fulfillment Emails?

(sin) #76

Nop you don’t have to do anything different, each Paypal product on Clickfunnels might have either of the two (email integration or fulfillment email) or both.

(sin) #77

You create a new product, each product (or combined product “ie. Product+OB”) has to have a distinct Product ID, in our app each product has two IDs, first for the product itself, and the second for the product when combined with an OB.

That’s certainly a CF bug which I’m aware of, I personally usually refresh the page and it works fine.

In the SALES yes, in the STATS for some reason NO, Clickfunnels said they have a bug which prevents it from showing the STATS for non Stripe payments but since then it never been solved yet.

Yep, nothing except making sure that your Paypal account supports what you are trying to do, couple days ago, a member from New Zealand had an issue getting recurring payments to work, before we discover that recurring payments are not supported at all in NZ :flushed:

Also you might want to configure your account only once to support auto-redirects in order for the OTO’s redirection to work seamlessly.

Hope that helps, Sorry for delay,

(Raisa) #78

Do I need to create another product in the app for my Order Bump?

(sin) #79

First of all welcome @rschacha :slight_smile: to our community

And yes, our app works just like Stripe :slight_smile: simply create a new product, then select that product and hit the “SET AS ORDER BUMP” button to set it as the order bump.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Raisa) #80

And I need to add the price of the main product & bump is that right?

(sin) #81

Nop, you don’t need to at all…

The price you enter in our app is the price your customers will be charged for, and if they decide to buy both product x and the order bump, then the total they are going to be charged for is the total combination of the two, you don’t need to do that from your side…

(Raisa) #82

Cool! Thanks for clarifying! One more question, for OTO do I need to add the product under"products tab" in CF? When I tested my funnel it’s showing an error missing product.

(sin) #83

hmm… ok so YES For the order form you need to add your STRIPE (or whatever gateway) products under products tab… but for OTOs unless you are only using Paypal alone, you will need to add products under that tab too (obviously :slight_smile: ).

"missing product" is mostly shown because you are trying to buy using CC while you don’t have any CC product setup on the products tab.

TIP: It’s usually recommended to setup a “full” functional funnel first and then integrate our apps :slight_smile: (or just turn the switch on/off)… so that you first make sure that your funnel is working fine before adding any apps. Doing so can help identify the source of problems much faster.