How To Easily Add Product Variants To Your Clickfunnels 2-Step Order Form?



Ok. thanks! I need to set it up form the beginning then.

(Nikolay Saev) #35

Do a test payment with the variants then use that as an example in Zapier and you are good to go :slight_smile:

(Kingsford Amoako) #36

I have followed the above and setup my product variants in funnelish but they are not reflecting in clickfunnels. I have fancify app enabled.

(Samantha Lee) #37

Hey @kobbyebo1,

hmm… Can you please share screenshots and Links to your order form or pages concerned, and explain the issue in a bit more detail to know how to help you :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, once you enabled Fancify and Add your variants (using our own Funnelish variants instead of using the code plugin above you are already set to go :wink: )

(Kingsford Amoako) #38

please see below the link to the order page and also the snap shot of funnelish… I have set the order form up with both paypal v2 and fancify… paypal layout looks okay, but I am not seeing the product variants from fancify.

(Samantha Lee) #39

Hey @kobbyebo1,

I believe you forgot to enable “Fancify”, the Fancify app must be enabled in both your account under /Apps and in your funnel under “Your Funnel” > Settings > Apps.

Let me know how that goes

(Kingsford Amoako) #40

Thank you. This resolved my problem…


I’m new to Clickfunnels and am just wondering if it is possible to do this with product variants but to also change the price depending on which variant is selected
eg Small = $5 | Large = $10 | X-Large = $20

Many thanks in advance!

(Samantha Lee) #42

Interesting Idea, but unfortunately not easy to do, even if we make it happen in Funnelish with PayPal, in Clickfunnels with Stripe you will have to add endless products with endless options and variants, which is not practical for a funnel…

The easiest thing to do is pick a good price, and optimize your prices you do not need many confusing prices that make it worse for your customers :wink:

And in Clickfunnels, different prices mean different products, if you insist on adding different prices then your best bit is adding them as different products: Tshirt Small = $5, Tshirt Large = $10, Tshirt X-Large = $20 and then use other options that do not affect price as variants, such as color or design…etc

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Muhammad Ali) #43

Hi Nice Script thanks for share it but i want to know how i can add additional custom text field with place holder text in clickfunnel 2 step order form in in step one ???

(Ezinne Adindu) #44


This is really helpful but can anyone please modify the code for me to use as a text input instead of a select option? I have been trying but can’t seem to figure it out.
Please this is really important

Thank you!

(imee Gusich) #45

can you add this to the 2nd step of the 2 step order form?

(Nir Raizes) #46

@yassine Thanks for the script, it works nice on the page but I can’t find where the customer data is shown on CF backend? It only shows me a regular purchase made without any of the variants I added. Where should I look for it?

(Carson) #47

This is great! I got the dropdown menu to show up on my page correctly but now I need to tie this custom field (product flavor) back to an actual product in Click Funnels so it will then go through my Shopify system to my drop shipper. Is there anyway to do this with the dropdown method?

(Michael) #49

This isn’t working for me. The form shows up correctly, including all the different options, but in the backend, it only records everything as 1 response.

In my case, about 100 people have apparently ordered “extra small” t-shirts… :confused:

@samlee any thoughts on this?

(Michael) #50

It should show up in the “Additional Info” part of the contact, but at least on my end, it’s not actually showing any of the other variants even when they’re chosen.

(Tiffany Smith) #52

Is there a way to add option quantities? Like shoes. red or blue, 3 size 6, 2 size 7, etc. I need the quantities to reduce as they are purchased. Thank you for any help! Your code was a lifesaver!

(Tiffany Smith) #53

Or coupon codes? I’d love to have customers use a coupon


So if I want to simply allow the variation for size and for quanity choice how would the code look?


It didn’t work … I tried to add size option:


var option_name = ‘product_size’;

var options = [‘S’, ‘M’, ‘L’, ‘XL’, ‘XXL’, ‘XXXL’];

var label = 'Pick A Size;

It didn’t work??