How to transmit data from Paypal back to Clickfunnels?


(Troy) #1


My company has recently started using Funnelish so we can add a Paypal option to our Clickfunnels funnel. We are selling a course that is hosted on Clickfunnels. When someone pays via Paypal, their payment and info is collected, but the info is not being transmitted back to Clickfunnels. We need this to happen because the course is hosted by clickfunnels. In other words, the user’s data doesn’t show up in the funnel’s sales tab. It needs to, or they won’t have access to the course they just bought. Please advise. Thanks so much!


(Samantha Lee) #2

Hey Troy,

Actually that can be done, did you setup your tracking products under your Clickfunnels Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party membership tracking area?

If you did, then can you double check that the webhook URL matches the one in the products, and the Cart Product IDs match the ones in Funnelish products? You can also share your products screenshots to see where it could’ve been wrong?

(Troy) #3

Hey @samlee, thanks for the reply. Everything appears to be set up right. Here’s a screenshot:

(Troy) #4

@samlee Is that video sufficient?

(Albert Sanchez) #5

@yosoytroy Did you ever get a response? Im having the same issue

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