Multiple bugs in the order page


(Mohamed Alaoui) #1

Hello all,

i have multiple bugs in my order page. First, total is always 0 what ever the quantity. Once i check the order bump it disappeared. Also, i have some variants for the order bump product, variants are not showing at all. I hope you can help me fix this issues.

Thank you so much

(Samantha Lee) #2

Hi @MeDOx3,

I will investigate the issues you mentioned about the quantity selection, as for variants they seem to be shown but you need first to select a quantity then the variants panel will be shown to allow you to pick a variant :slight_smile:

(Mohamed Alaoui) #3

is there any news ?
i’m still waiting and the bugs are remaining

(Samantha Lee) #4

Hello @MeDOx3,

The only issue that i managed to reproduce on your page is the Quantity calculation going missed up sometimes, I am not sure if it’s other codes interfering or a bug… But others I couldn’t reproduce them yet as it seemed all working fine…

I will update this thread as i have any updates hopefully by Monday :wink:

(Mohamed Alaoui) #5

still waiting for answers, the total is not working fine also the order bump variants are missing

(Samantha Lee) #6

Hello @MeDOx3,

Order bumps do not have any variants :slight_smile:

As for the other issue, it has been confirmed and now waiting to be rolled on our next update :wink: hopefully within this weekend…

PS. as an apology for the delay, the time you waited will be added to your billing cycle for your account so you won’t be charged for it :slight_smile:

And thanks a lot for letting us know about it

(Mohamed Alaoui) #7

Thank you so much, but i have been charged for this month. Since i installed funnelish i’m getting the error

(Samantha Lee) #8

You got charged because you didn’t tell me your account email yet :stuck_out_tongue: PM me your account email and I’ll fix it asap :slight_smile:

As for the issues, for now just disable sum calculation and it should work just fine :slight_smile:

(Samantha Lee) #10

Do not share your Email publicly :slight_smile: But I got it now :slight_smile: