Multiple bugs in the order page


(Mohamed Alaoui) #1

Hello all,

i have multiple bugs in my order page. First, total is always 0 what ever the quantity. Once i check the order bump it disappeared. Also, i have some variants for the order bump product, variants are not showing at all. I hope you can help me fix this issues.

Thank you so much

(Samantha Lee) #2

Hi @MeDOx3,

I will investigate the issues you mentioned about the quantity selection, as for variants they seem to be shown but you need first to select a quantity then the variants panel will be shown to allow you to pick a variant :slight_smile:

(Mohamed Alaoui) #3

is there any news ?
i’m still waiting and the bugs are remaining

(Samantha Lee) #4

Hello @MeDOx3,

The only issue that i managed to reproduce on your page is the Quantity calculation going missed up sometimes, I am not sure if it’s other codes interfering or a bug… But others I couldn’t reproduce them yet as it seemed all working fine…

I will update this thread as i have any updates hopefully by Monday :wink: