Only PayPal Option on OTO

(Jeremy Siemens) #1


I set up PayPal V2 on my funnel. When I use CC to pay on the order form and it directs me to the OTO, I only have the option to pay via PayPal on the OTO.

(Samantha Lee) #2

Hmm, Are you by any chance testing your order form in preview mode and after the preview mode you get directed to live OTO page?

Other than that, it should’ve worked flawlessly, knowing your order form URL and OTO url will help me and others assist you better with your issue :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Siemens) #3

Hey Samlee,

Thanks so much for your message! We had one too many products set up on the OTO (stripe and paypal), when we only needed to set up the stripe product.

This issue is all fixed now! Thanks so much…

We do still have another issue, which I posted on in a different thread. Thanks so much in advance for checking it out.


(Allen Pearson) #4

I seem to be having a similar issue. Can you please explain hos you fixed your issue. TIA

(Jeremy Siemens) #5

Hey Allen Pearson,

I’d love to help, but we still haven’t found the solution. We ended up switching softwares, but are now back with Funnelish. Let me know if you figure this out :slight_smile:


(Samantha Lee) #6

Hey guys @funnelpartners & @Jeremy,

That’s a really easy case to solve and it shouldn’t have taken this long to get it solved, sharing your Order form and OTO Urls will help a lot, as all solutions I pruposed so far are only guesses from similar previous cases I had dealt with, In case you don’t want to share your Funnel Urls publicly can email us the links at [email protected] and refer to this thread :slight_smile: and we will get it sorted out fast.

PS. We also have free tech agents that can help one on one in advanced issues as needed.

(Jeremy Siemens) #7

Thanks Samlee!

Yassine is doing a fantastic job getting this sorted :slight_smile: So happy to have connected with him!