Paypal plugin not shown


(Eaden Singh) #1

Paypal plugin not working. I have tried Insert snippet code to no avail. Please Help it’s BEEN 9 Days still no reply!

Paypal plugin still Not Working
(sin) #2

Hi Eaden,

I believe your ticket was sent during the holidays and we were transitioning our support to a new platform Jira has been such a pain for both us and our users…

Can you please let me know your case, or even post in our Facebook group, or simply share your Order form URL and I’ll be happy to debug your funnel for you myself :slight_smile:

(Eaden Singh) #3

Thank You Yassine. The order form URL is . I am unable to see the plugin and have followed the tutorial thoroughly! Kind Regards,

(sin) #4

Hi Eaden,

Your setup is correct except one thing, Under Funnel > Apps in Funnelish, you did not activate any App to use. Activate the PayPal Plugin or any other app and then hit save changes…

Let me know how that goes :wink:

(Eaden Singh) #5

Hello Yassine! On my end I can see that I have the Paypal plugin, proofy, smart optin and fancy credit card enabled… I am not sure if this is what you are referring to but they all show as if they are activated.

(Samantha Lee) #6

Hey @eaden,

I checked your account, and I see the apps are indeed activated under /Apps general tab, but they are not activated under “Your Funnel” > Settings > Apps, at the funnel level.

Can you double check under Settings > Apps of your funnel?