Paypal sales not showing in reporting?

Hi there,

I have some Qs, not sure if this is just how it works or if these are errors?

I’ve noticed that while the Paypal sales DO show up under the transactions tab in click funnels (see below sales 1, 3 + 4 are all PayPal), they do not seem to be picked up in any of the reporting, so they don’t show on the stats page (which throws off the stats obviously)

And they also don’t add to the total sales number?

On the transactions page (shown in image) they also don’t have a transaction ID is that normal?

And you also don’t seem to have the option to refund paypal transactions from withing CF dashboard?

I would really love for paypal sales to show in the stats / totals etc, and to be able to manage any refunds or payment issues from within the one place if possible.


Here is the stats page, you can see only the stripe transaction is showing