Stripe For Dropshipping! Any Solutions!


(afree) #1

It’s official that Stripe DOES NOT Like or allow any dropshipping related transactions due to the high risk involved. so I was wondering are their any workaround! How can I stay compliant with Stripe’s TOS while still not risking too much buying products that I have no idea about and ship them all way in bulk to US and handle all that overhead and paperwork myself… without being sure that the product is going to sell or not… or is it going to saturate even before the bulk products arrives to US or not.

(sin) #2

The least risky business model I can think of and I’m sure many in here are doing the same (at least we do) is buy some partial stock as many as you can afford… and then keep them at your supplier’s warehouse! I know it might sound strange, but many suppliers will be happy to get paid for a partial their stock and then afterwards you pay them for the shipping fee whenever you receive orders.

That’s the only solution suitable in your situation, it’s both compliant with Stripe & Paypal’s Terms Of Service (prohibiting Dropshipping) and you are not risking that much as well… in fact you may even discuss with your supplier liquidating your stock in case it doesn’t go as planned…