Trouble with setting up product variants code

(Daan Dekker) #1

I am new to clickfunnels and I just set up the piece of code so I can have multiple variants on the two-step order form but the option doesn’t appear on the order form. I have set up the product in the backend for CF but I haven’t set up multiple variants, is this something I need to do, and how do I do it as I have about 100 variants (colors and models). Or is the problem something else?
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Daan Dekker

(sin) #2

We need more details @DaanDekker!
What variants code are you talking about! and can you share your order form link!

If not take a screenshot of the code, and the end results you got.

(Daan Dekker) #3

Hello Yassine,
I used the piece of code you mentioned on the forum. I just tried up to set the color variants like you did to see if it worked.
So this is the piece of code which I installed but there are no variants appearing on my order form.
Thanks for your help!

(Samantha Lee) #4

Can you please PM me your order form link with that code plugin installed I’ll have a look and see