***URGENT*** Funnelish + Orderlytics - intermittent orders!

(Misho Filev) #1

Hey guys,

Something is going on with Funnelish + Orderlytics integration, Funnelish is not sending all of the orders to Orderlytics or Orderlytics is not picking up all of the orders from Funnelish.

It happens for all of my products, so it’s not product specific, all of my products have the integration correctly enabled.

I can send you a CSV file of customers and I have highlighted the ones that didn’t go through in red so it can help you figure this out.

Let me know what you think this could be.

Overall I would say 20% of the orders aren’t being imported in Orderlytics for some reason.


(Misho Filev) #2

Hey guys,

Eric from Orderlytics got back to me and he said the following:

“We finally found out the issue with the intermittent orders… the country is missing. The api call to orderlytics failed and returned an error to Funnelish. How to fix…make country field required and get Funnelish to check for all required fields.”

I had already set country as a required field, and this is what he said:

"ok. might be a formatting issue with Funnelish. For some reason the country is getting dropped. I will look at the records to see if we see anything… most of them said “null”.

Hope that helps!

(Misho Filev) #3

They can’t send the orders to their view orders tab because:

“We can’t display in order list b/c the request was never processed by funnelish since it failed validation”

(Misho Filev) #4

Ok here it is:

“they should validate their smart address tool is not removing the country code when sending orders to orderlytics. If they review the api requests they should see the error responses for those orders.”

(Misho Filev) #5

Hello, anyone look at this yet? Thanks!

(Samantha Lee) #6

Hello @mfilev, IT has been a while :slight_smile:

Thanks for bring this up, and sorry for the late reply…

hmm, Our Smart Address app does not interfere with the backend storage nor Orderlytics at all…

Did the Orderlytics team mention or provide any logs of the formatting they received against what it should’ve been instead?

And can you provide any further details, or logs that we can use to track down the issue :slight_smile:

Best wishes

(Misho Filev) #7

Just PMed you :slight_smile:

(Misho Filev) #8

Hey just reminding you guys of this issue! @samlee

(Misho Filev) #9

@samlee @yassine this is still ongoing :frowning: not sure what to do. Thanks

(Misho Filev) #10

Hello, is anybody out there? LOL

(Samantha Lee) #11

Very sorry about the late reply @mfilev, I replied back on the private message :slight_smile: