Using zapier(webhook) to notify CF about transactions through paypal


Hello! I Was wondering if it’s possible to create a sale record in CF “sales” page if someone buys through the paypal option. As of now, only stripe purchases on the credit card form show up on the “sales” section of a funnel. My paypal v2 is integrated into clickfunnels btw.

I tried looking at: PayPal Plugin and Zapier

But I wasn’t sure what they were saying. My theory would be to connect paypal to clickfunnels in a way where a paypal purchase will trigger clickfunnels to add that record in the “sales”.

I messaged CF support about this and they said " You’re using funnelish, so I am not exactly sure on the setup to implement it. When we didn’t have the paypal v2 integration, you would setup a webhook and that would pass the info back to clickfunnels when they purchase. Accepting Payments in ClickFunnels With PayPal"

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Hello @funnelishnoob123,

It can be easily done, with no need for Zapier at all if you are using PayPal App v1, if you are using v2 then you will need Zapier or some advanced tricks in order to get it to work…

I suggest that you use v1 and then create tracking products under Funnel > Settings > 3rd Party Membership access (as explained in the tutorial video by Peter Pru)…

Using v2, you will have to go through Zapier and get it connected to your PayPal account somehow, though I really doubt it would work, since the Zapier integrations I am aware of use IPN urls to track the sales, which is overriden by Funnelish so It cannot be used unless there is some sort Zap that connects directly to the PayPal API…


I’ve done the steps in that video regarding paypal integration into CF using funnelish. It definitely does not create a sale record in CF when a transaction is made through paypal v1.

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You should share the screenshots of your products from both Clickfunnels and Funnelish, to see where you have any mistakes…