Why Facebook Ads Underdeliver after restarting them?


(isoft) #1

Why does Facebook ads stop performing when you turn them off for a while and then turn them back on?
Had a couple winning ad campaigns and turned them off for a couple of days, then turned them back on and the cost per lead tripled.
How does one avoid this?

(sin) #2

The question is if your ads were winning why did you pause them :joy:
hope you learned the lesson, never ever Pause a winning ad set in Facebook Ads at all.

(VuxH) #3

DO NOT ever turn them off, just reduce the budget to 5$ a day, they do seem to get the pixel data confused as you are bidding for traffic and I suppose supply/demand, somebody probably has your spot until you earn it back through a well performing ad.

(James Harson) #4

According to Facebook, whenever you pause and then start an ad set their algorithm fluctuates and goes crazy.

I am not sure why they have that Pause/start button at all, if they already know it brings more harm than use. so don’t use it.

Pausing an ad is not advisable at all.

(Jonathan Jr) #5

###Why Facebook Ads Underdeliver after restarting them?
According to Facebook rep, Pausing an ad set and restarting it again tends to ruin Facebook’s auto optimization algorithm. They didn’t explain way, but apparently that’s the way their monkeys programmed it.

###What To Do Instead?
A little workaround would be either using the Power Editor, or Ads Manager you can duplicate your winning ad set and start a fresh new duplicate. instead of re-starting the old one, that will work quite well.