The best dropshipping products for September 2021

November 19, 2021
Anna B

Drop-shipping is no longer a new concept and there are people out there who have made millions out of this business model. However, one of the most important if not the most important part of this business is choosing the right products.

What any experienced drop shipper will first tell you is that you need to do plenty of testing and product research if you want to reach some high profitable numbers with this business model.

A common mistake would be to choose products based on one’s own tastes and interests, without proper testing conducted on multiple audiences, or on the target audience for that industry.

How to find the bestselling dropshipping products

With drop shipping, the major difference is that you as a business owner do not have direct control over the stock. This can obviously be an advantage, cutting down the prices of stocking and keeping the stock. However, this can also mean you are not able to verify the quality of what your customers receive, as suppliers themselves will ship that product.

Choosing the right suppliers is a crucial step in finding bestselling products. You must always establish good and trustful relationships with your suppliers, as they will have direct control over what your customers receive. It is also essential before starting to drop ship any product to order multiple samples (if selling different colours, models, etc.), and permanently keep open communication with your suppliers.

Testing dropshipping products is another essential part and will help you develop a sense and understanding of what customers want. Audiences are never the same, and you may be surprised by the consumers’ reactions to different types of products. If you want to find the bestselling dropshipping products, you must first test them with smaller audiences, different offers, and find out which works the best and why.

Do dropshipping product research – It may take a while until getting that bestselling product that goes viral and everybody loves. Just finding a good product that brings you the bare minimum is not enough. The best drop shippers out there are constantly doing product research, conducting surveys on their audiences and new ones until they develop the sense of picking the best selling dropshipping products.

6 best dropshipping products to sell in September 2021

We did our research and put together the top 9 best dropshipping products to sell in September 2021. Let’s see what we got:

Home care dropshipping products

Sleep gummies seem to be a growing trend for this autumn.


These gummies help with falling asleep and look like grown a lot in interest recently. Containing melatonin, sleep gummies help regulate sleep issues and are a perfect product for your dropshipping business this September.

Eye patches are another products you may consider for your dropshipping business this autumn. With the cold season approaching and a growing interest in skincare, more and more people are searching for this product now.


Eye patches can be made out of different materials and textures (tissue, hydrogel, etc), and help the eyes area recover from tiredness and dark circles.

Jade rollers – Another product that is definitely on a growing trend of interest for this autumn is jade rollers. Made out of jade stones, these rollers help massage creams and serums better into the skin, lift the skin, and represent a great way of home pampering.

Tech dropshipping products

Sweatproof gaming mouse – This is a cool gadget for you to consider if you target the gaming industry with your dropshipping business.

Zephyr PRO RGB sweat-proof gaming mouse

This kind of mouse is purposely designed for long-run gamers and it’s ideal for such an audience, being light, fast, and sweatproof.

Dog camera – A must for both pet and technology lovers, dogs’ cameras usually come with a pretty good lens that allows you to keep an eye on your pet no matter where you are.


Accessories for dropshipping

Silicone rings – a precursor of the famous silicone bracelets that became viral a few years ago, silicone rings can also be something you may look into for your dropshipping business. Made usually out of rubber, people seem to love these cute little accessories.

Silicone ring

What to consider when selecting dropshipping products

Pricing – A very important thing to consider when selecting dropshipping products would be price point and the existing competition.

Quality & Reliability of suppliers – It is also essential to regularly communicate with your suppliers and get samples in order to make sure the product quality is satisfactory enough.

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