How to Automate Your Entire Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Process

May 20, 2021

Every ecom store owner gets into the business expecting an easy route to profits – throw up a store, add some products, and make sales.

Unfortunately most find out not after too long that there can be a lot of manual work involved, from marketing to make sales and then fulfilling those orders!

There’s good news for ecommerce stores though. You can automate this entire process, from prospective customer to order delivered.

This article will show you how to put your store on autopilot, and make more sales while you do it!


Your Sales Funnel – Sales on Autopilot

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If you’re not using a funnel to sell your products… what are you doing?

Funnels sell your products at much higher rates than a traditional ecommerce store front.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

  • A Virtual Salesperson
    A simple sales page funnels people through the buying process, basically doing the job of an actual salesperson!

  • Increase AOV Automatically
    You can use your funnel to drastically increase your AOV (average order value) by using upsells!

  • Create One Time Offers
    After someone has purchased from your core sales page, you can redirect them to an upsell page boasting an “exclusive one time offer” that they can add to their order with just one click!

According to Sumo, “Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.”

Through the use of a single page with a convincing headline, product benefits, some scarcity and urgency, and some reviews you can sell on autopilot.

Get a free trial of our funnel builder that not only builds your funnel, but automates the rest of your fulfillment process too!

Order Fulfillment & Confirmation Emails

Shipping Order

When a customer purchases from you, what happens next?

  • Do you have a team member devoted to processing and shipping out those orders?

  • Who sends your order confirmation and shipping info?

  • How long does it take for a customer to get an order reciept?

These are all questions that are crucial to the efficiency and profit of your ecommerce store. So let’s automate it.

Order Fulfillment

  • If you’re using funnels to sell your products you need to make sure that your sales get fulfilled on your ecommerce fulfillment platform.

  • Order fulfillment can be a labor intensive job, especially if you’re bringing in dozens or more sales a day.

Using Funnelish you can have your funnel orders automatically sync with Shopify, ShipStation, Orderlytics, and more to send orders, update inventory, and ship them out all simultaneously!

Eliminate the need to manually review orders, save your ecommerce store profits, and save yourself hours of time.

Confirmation Emails

Now that your order is fulfilled, how are you communicating that information to your customer?

  • Order confirmation emails are essential to gain customer trust and loyalty – but again, can be fully automated.

  • Using funnel automations, or any other CRM that you integrate with your funnel builder, you can set up a flow to automatically send your customer an order receipt to their email immediately after purchase.

  • You can also keep in contact with them while their order is on its way to them, increasing customer loyalty and the likelihood of them purchasing from you again!

Abandoned Cart – Why Aren’t You Following Up?

The average abandoned cart rate among all industries is a whopping 70%... Seriously.

Everybody and their mothers add something to their cart and then leave. People have short attention spans!

While there are many ways to decrease that rate before someone actually abandons, it’s all too easy to create an abandoned cart automated email campaign to persuade them to come back.

  • Start As Soon As They Abandon
    Create an abandoned cart email automation that first starts immediately after someone abandons their cart.

  • Include Important Details
    Include a summary of their order, a promo code for them to come back and purchase.

  • Persuade Them
    Maybe even a scarcity or urgency line telling them the offer expires shortly or their item is almost out of stock.

  • Don’t Quit!
    Continuously send them email reminders about their order over the next week or so, sending up to 5-7 emails in the span of a week or two.

Use funnel automations to create seamless abandoned cart email sequences that have potential customers finally making the commitment!

Segmenting Your Customers

Last but not least we have the segmentation of your customers and audience.

Can you look at your list of contacts and know who’s a buyer, who’s a lead, and who’s abandoned their cart?

Knowing this info is crucial to building successful marketing campaigns, and it can all easily be automated with a few simple flows.

Using a tool like Funnelish’s in-house automations, or third party tools like Zapier, you can automatically tag and segment your audience as they take relevant actions on your ecommerce store!

  • When a lead opts in, tag them as a lead and enter them into your nurturing sequence.

  • When someone purchases, tag them as a purchaser and add them to your customer list.

  • The options are endless and help you market to your audience at the right time.

Get contextual! Let your audience know that you are with them at every stage of their buying flow.

Automating your sales process is a key factor to the success and efficiency of your ecommerce store.

Without it you have a long, time intensive process that makes you wonder why you even got in to the ecommerce space to begin with!

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