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Geotargeting for e-commerce

May 21, 2021
Anna B

Geotargeting is known and described as delivering different content, ads, marketing and optimisation to different locations, countries. That’s exactly what the latest Funnelish update made possible for sales funnels and e-commerce.

Why is geotargeting important?   

If you want to reach international audiences, you definitely need to optimize and personalize your e-commerce and marketing strategies for each location you are targeting.

Geotargeting does exactly this, by allowing you to be in full control of all of your niches, and tailoring the content they are seeing.

Geotargeting for e-commerce

When discussing e-commerce, geo-targeting is an absolute gold mine. The reason for that is because different audiences have different needs.

The language, buying behaviour, payment preferences, everything is different when targeting multiple locations.

Funnelish Plus has brought the solution to all of this, by allowing you to fully customize and optimize your whole funnel or pages for different geographical locations.

What is Funnelish Plus?

Funnelish Plus is a funnel builder software, that lets you automate everything on auto-pilot.

Funnelish Plus guarantees a page speed of roughly 0.1s, even when loading multiple images, videos and products. Working as a fully optimized platform for sales funnels and e-commerce, Funnelish plus has plenty of useful features which you can learn more about here.

Geo-targeting for e-commerce with Funnelish Plus

Without any tech-related headaches, Funnelish Plus has made it really easy for you to split test multiple locations and different buying behaviours on your funnel.

You can either choose a random A/B split-test or the geo-targeting split and split your funnel into multiple variants for different locations.

You can use the geo-targeting feature for UNLIMITED countries. At the same time, your funnel URL will NOT change, which means your AD’s will not be affected at all.


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