iDEAL payment on your ClickFunnels’ order form? It’s here!

March 29, 2021
Anna B

If you’re already a Funnelish member, then yay! This will be an exciting article for you. If you’re not, then let’s begin by saying Funnelish allows you to offer multiple payment methods on your ClickFunnel’s order forms (you can almost instantly see an increase in conversions)!

Funnelish Pay now offers iDEAL as an additional payment method in your order forms! What does this mean, why should you use it, and how do you set it up? Read this article to find out all the info you need to start offering this payment method!

What is iDEAL payment?

iDEAL is one of the most popular payment gateways used in the Netherlands, and is now available for your funnel’s order form through our Funnelish Pay App.

iDEAL payment method features:

Adding multiple payment options to your ClickFunnels’ order form will show a considerable increase in your sales, and offering a payment option that’s trusted by people in your target audience’s country will help even more.

Here are some huge benefits of offering the iDEAL payment method for your funnel’s customers:

Is iDEAL safe?

iDEAL is safe and known as one of the most used payment options in the Netherlands. iDEAL is based on internet- and mobile banking and uses the same security techniques and standards. This means that iDEAL is just as safe as internet and mobile banking.

How to add iDEAL payment option on ClickFunnels’ order form?

Adding iDEAL payment to your order form’s is super easy! Once you have the Funnelish Pay app installed, just add the iDEAL payment gateway on your order form. You can also choose to offer your customers PayPal, Stripe, or Cash on Delivery at the same time.

Add iDEAL payment method to your ClickFunnels’ order form with only a few clicks.

Add multiple payment methods to your ClickFunnels order form in just 30 seconds.

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