How To Bundle Orders From ClickFunnels To Shopify

May 16, 2021

The tool that will finally enable your upsells, downsells, and order bumps to be bundled with your customer’s original purchase in Shopify.

If you’re selling your Shopify products on ClickFunnels you’ve no doubt been frustrated when your customer purchases one of your OTOs.

I mean… they’re purchasing more from you, isn’t that supposed to be the goal?

Well, it is, but what more than likely happens is Shopify gets the original purchase and customer info, and then when they click yes for an upsell Shopify then creates a whole new customer and starts the fulfillment process from the top! UGH!

You end up having to fulfill each item separately, leading to you having to ship each item alone… meaning more shipping costs for you!

Luckily the geniuses on the Funnelish team discovered a way to avoid all of those headaches.

You can now bundle your orders with our Shopify integration! 🎉

Basically, you’re enabling a short waiting period before ClickFunnels syncs the order with Shopify, giving the customer enough time to finish through the back-end of your funnel and decide if they want to add anything to your order.

It’ll then send all of the products they’ve purchased in one order to Shopify, like it would be if someone was purchasing directly from your Shopify store.

This automation will save time, frustration, and money, and will help you focus on actual revenue-generating activities for your business, not unnecessary irritating tasks.

Trigger Action
Order Bundling Feature Inside of Funnelish

For Funnelish users:

  1. Connect your Shopify store if you haven’t already. Instructions for that can be found here.
  2. Go to the product you want inside your funnel and scroll down to automations and create a new one.
  3. Select the trigger action Create new order and select your target product in Shopify. Match your variants if necessary.
  4. Turn on “Enable bundling?” and make sure to set an appropriate wait time before bundling depending on how long it might take your customers to go through your next OTOs. I recommend about 5 minutes.

Voila! Spared heartache from seeing 2–3 new orders in Shopify from the same customer!

Enjoy this awesome update everybody!

For more Funnel-ish stuff join our Facebook group here, or for common questions check for an answer on our forum.

You can also check out our Knowledge Base for more technical instructions for Shopify here.


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