Do discount codes still work for eCommerce in 2021​​?

August 27, 2021
Anna B

What are discount codes for eCommerce?

Discount codes are used in the eCommerce world to offer a particular customer or group of customers a certain benefit of making the purchase;

Discount codes are normally formed out of numbers and letters. eCommerce people are normally handing these codes out through their email campaigns, or through external endorsers, such as social media influencers.

The appliance of the code will then offer customers different benefits; these can vary between a discount made for a certain product, a selection of products, or the whole basket, shipping fees, and so on.

Why do discount codes for eCommerce work?

eCommerce is a trade, and in such an over-saturated market, customers do need incentives to buy and to remain loyal. In fact, studies show that when customers receive these discount codes, their overall eCommerce experience is better, they become happier, less stressed, and associate the discount code with receiving a gift.

More than that, discount codes for eCommerce work for both new customers as they’re more attracted to buy, as well as for returning customers and establishing brand loyalty.

How to use discount codes for eCommerce?

Most of the eCommerce platforms will allow you to create discount codes for your customers. They can then be tailored by certain rules; If you want your customers to get 30% off when spending $100, then the code will just not work even if applied until that limit has been touched.

Do discount codes still work for eCommerce in 2021​​?

Yes; discount codes for eCommerce remain a great incentive and way of attracting and retaining customers. If you are looking for promotional strategies for your eCommerce business, then you should definitely still consider discount codes and trust their magic.

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