Winning dropshipping products for November 2021

November 27, 2021

Running a dropshipping business is a never-ending race against the clock (aka, the market). What works today, may not work tomorrow.

Don’t let this scare you away from the industry though, as there is still so much potential. You just need a good strategy.

So what do successful dropshippers do to keep making sales?

The answer is simple. The big drop shippers have a great product research process. Finding trending products and niches before they become saturated is the key to the dropshipping game.

Lucky for you, we did the research already…

Top 5 winning products to dropship in November 2021

1. 720° Sink Faucet Head

The 720° faucet head is our first recommendation for your dropshipping or eCommerce business this November, and let us explain why.

First, this product actually solves problems for customers. It prevents water from splashing behind the faucet, makes it easier for children to use the sink, and makes it easier to wash your face and teeth with the ability to point upwards.

This product has already gone viral on platforms like TikTok, has received positive comments on Facebook, and still has so much more potential with the right funnel in place.

Interested in selling the 720° faucet head product? We have built a ready-to-launch sales funnel for this exact product to save you time, you can clone it for FREE: Clone 720° faucet head share funnel.

To understand why we use a funnel and not a Shopify store, you can check this article: is dropshipping still worth it?

2. Mold Remover Gel

This type of product is trending now, as an overall trend of health and wellness is trending upwards, and keeping safe from harmful mold falls in line with that.

Selling this product can come in the form of so many different angles; From kitchen cleaning, up to walls, bathrooms, etc – It’s a multipurpose cleaning product that people like to have handy!

Interested in selling the mold remover? We have built a ready-to-launch sales funnel for this exact product to save you time, you can clone it for FREE: Clone mold remover share funnel.

3. Airbrush

A winning industry with a market value of billions, is a perfect niche background to sell this airbrush.

This airbrush not only hits the pain points that many women deal with, but it also provides an alternative that has never been offered before.

This airbrush gives women a professional hairstyle at home, in a cheap and easy way. It combines the functions of 3 different beauty styling tools, so it’s a valuable product.

Interested in selling the airbrush? We have built a ready-to-launch sales funnel for this exact product to save you time, you can clone it for FREE: Clone the airbrush share funnel.

4. Face mask maker

With the ongoing social media obsession with skincare and face masks, (and the holidays around the corner) now is an amazing time to sell this face mask maker!

Not only does this product fit perfectly with the growing niche, but it’s valuable to your customer because it gives them the ability to create luxury face masks for free at home.

This product has already gone viral on different platforms, with younger women being the ones seen interacting the most.

Interested in selling the luxury face mask maker? We have built a ready-to-launch sales funnel for this exact product to save you time, you can clone it for FREE: Clone face mask maker share funnel.

5. Extreme flashlight

Our last winning product to sell this November is this powerful flashlight. This flashlight appeals to many niches: fishing, hunting, home use, and so much more. But why else is this a winning product?

This flashlight doesn’t even compare to traditional flashlights, and your opportunity to showcase this to your target audience is your biggest selling point.

Show video reviews, product images, comparisons to other flashlights, and more to sell this product like crazy. Do it all in your funnel!

Interested in selling this powerful flashlight? We have built a ready-to-launch sales funnel for this exact product to save you time, you can clone it for FREE: Clone flashlight share funnel.

What dropshipping niches are trending in 2021?

 Health, beauty, and jewelry seem to remain some of the winning dropshipping niches in 2021. However, there are so many more good niches out there; We have put together some other high-potential niches that you can choose for your dropshipping business;

  • Electronics – The tech market is worth billions and there are so many people out there constantly looking for newer, smarter devices.
  • Car accessories – With an estimated 1.4 billion cars on the road, this industry offers a huge dropshipping niche you could focus on, especially if you’re passionate or have some knowledge about it.
  • Toys – Some of the best-selling products on famous eCom platforms such as (Amazon, Ebay, etc.), continue to be toys; You can take this niche down to babies and find some winning kids toys, OR, dropship anti-stress toys and office trinkets to adults.


eCommerce dropshipping costs are rising as competition rises. That’s why we build funnels instead of relying on traditional cart platforms like Shopify!

A funnel will increase your AOV (average order value) thanks to the bundles, upsells, downsells, and order bumps that you can add to your funnel. With a funnel you can also reduce friction in the checkout process, leading to increased conversions.

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