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7 Easy tips to follow for an effective opt-in form

June 7, 2021
Anna B

Opt-ins are usually used for building a database of email addresses that businesses can later on use to follow up with those users or to register people for different events, etc.

Either way, opt-ins are used by most online companies, and in most cases, they are used as a form within the landing page.

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Coming back to opt-ins, here are our 7 tips to have an efficient opt-in form with a high rate;

Test multiple landing pages/ opt-in forms.

The key advice regarding opt-in forms and everything in digital marketing is testing. You do need to give time and test different ways of gaining leads, customers and so on.

Think about it this way – you are targeting multiple audiences with your advertising – and no guru of marketing could assure you the magic formula that will work on each audience. For this reason, companies have sometimes even over 40 landing pages and different opt-in forms. In this case, leads are said to grow by 12 times.

Add value to your opt-in form!

When trying to get people to sign-up for your newsletter, you do need to bear in mind that on average, anyone would have already been subscribed to 20-30 of them.

So make yours stand out, and make sure people do see a value in offering you their email address.

Incentivize your prospects

Offering incentives is always a good idea. Apart from the theoretical added value as mentioned before, it is always good to give people something else, such as coupon codes, discounts etc.

Helping discount context

There are plenty of companies using this already, and in fact, offering special customized discounts is a proven method of customer acquisition.

Pop-ups – are they still effective?

Yes, they are! And this is another tip we have for your opt-in form – embed it into a pop-up.

In fact, stats are showing that opt-in popups result in 1,000% increase in conversions.

Minimize clicks on your opt-in form

Do not forget that is not only you offering something to your audience (content, discounts, etc) but it is also them offering their email address in return.

Making people subscribe is not that easy, especially when that process requires filling in plenty of forms.

Decreasing the number of clicks and forms people need to do and fill in, will considerably increase the number of subscribers, and will make your opt-in rate be more efficient.

Create strong CTA’s on your opt-in pages

Another essential factor for an efficient opt-in process, is to have it followed by some strong CTA’s.

Examples of CTA's

See the difference? Everything in this guide has a direct relation and should be used together for strong efficiency. Therefore, is not enough to add value or offer incentives, but to also emphasise on this with your CTA’s.

“Subscribe” is over-used and saturated, and in the end, you may want to avoid putting on your audience’s brain that they are just getting “subscribed” to ANOTHER newsletter.

But instead, using something like “Get your freebies now” or “Become a marketing expert”, “Yes, I want this irresistible offer” – will have a lot more efficiency and action rate.

Remember, CTA’s must be tailored accordingly to your offer and your target audience.

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Use a thank you page

It is always good to consider using a thank you page for your visitors once they have inputted their email address.

You can also give something extra for free, apart from what the visitors knew about before filling in their details. This way you will not only create a special relationship with your clients, but you will stand out from many businesses that do not pay enough attention to this detail.

Another good idea for the thank you page would be offering your users some extra content, that they can only unlock when sharing it on social media.

What is a good opt-in rate?

Firstly, you should know that you can calculate your opt-in page rate by dividing the total number of visitors that got to your landing page to the number that subscribed.

On average, businesses see somewhere between 10-15% opt-in rate, with the maximum potential reaching 25-30$%. Nothing is impossible, as long as you keep on testing and improving your opt-in form and page.

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