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Top 5 most powerful trigger words to boost e-Commerce conversions

August 16, 2021
Anna B

It is already known the huge power words have in our lives. The same applies to e-Commerce, therefore the copywriting of your pages should be done to perfection and completely aligned with your audience’s interests and wishes, in order to generate sales.

And even though words are powerful, you should know that they have different amounts of power. In this article, we have put together some useful information on what are trigger words, how do they work, and how you can use them in your online pages to convert better.

What are trigger words?

Trigger words are normally single or multiple words formations such as free or buy now. Trigger words will persuade the reader into taking a decision or making a certain action.

Trigger words are mostly used in e-commerce to encourage customers in buying your product, downloading your content and so on, and they are based on the emotional side of humans.

The customer journey starts this way:

Problem recognition Someone identified a problem or a need.

Research – The person has come across your product or service.

Trigger – Having the solution someone needs is not enough as the market is over-saturated with products. At this step, you are supposed to pull the trigger with strong words and CTA’s.

Buying decision – The person has converted and became your customer.

Making someone convert requires pulling the trigger on their emotional side. However, there is a positive emotional side, but also a negative one. Let’s see which trigger words you should use to attract customers, and which ones to avoid.

Powerful trigger words for e-Commerce

There are positive trigger words that normally would bring up good feelings and emotions such as joy, happiness, delight; these are good to use and include in your brand’s content, social media, and so on.

However, for conversions, you may want to combine them with transactional words, which are mostly known as CTA’s, pushing your customers to buy.

Let’s look at 5 of the most powerful trigger words to boost your conversions and how you can use them in your CTA’s.

Yes is perhaps, one of the strongest trigger words, and you should definitely take advantage of it. This word shows your customers that you understand and agree with their thoughts.

“Yes, we do offer free delivery”.

For your CTA’s, here are some combinations of this word that you may want to consider:

  • Yes, I want this offer!
  • Yes, I need this!

Free is again, one of the strongest positive emotional words that you could use. Everyone wants free things, especially your customers. Including this word in your copywriting, will give your customers the feeling of gaining something extra, and encourage them to buy.

Using “Free” in your CTA’s:

  • Get this present for free!
  • Try it for free!

Imagine is another strong trigger word you may want to consider. Not only do dreams come out of imagination, but also it would set your customers in the position where they imagine having your product and the benefits of it.

In your CTA’s, you can always use variations of this word such as:

  • Ever imagined not struggling with hair loss anymore? It’s here!
  • Imagine how easier cooking will be with this pan! Get it now!

People like freebies, but they also like high-end. This word will set in someone’s mind the idea that they’re getting an exclusive, high-quality product or service.

High-end is often used in CTA’s as well:

  • Get this high-end offer now! (Limited stock)

Last but not least, Save is over-used throughout eCommerce and retail for a reason. Not only it eliminates the idea of spending money but gives the customer the impression that they are getting a very good deal, or saving money instead.

There are numerous CTA’s you can form with this word:

  • Save $50 with this one-time offer!
  • Save $25 on your first order!
  • Buy 3 save 1!

Negative trigger words

Words can be powerful in driving your consumers towards buying. However, you must be careful with choosing them, as some might trigger negative emotions rather than good ones.

Let’s look at this example:

“Don’t let muscle pains annoy you any longer!”

You would think this word is in the right place to make the consumer understand that you sell the solution to their muscle pains. However, the word annoy would oppositely, trigger a bad emotion and make that customer more likely to leave your shop.

Hate waiting? Buy the express delivery!”

This is another negative trigger word that you might want to avoid as much as possible. Hate is one of the strongest negative feelings, and you don’t want to trigger that kind of feeling in your potential customers.

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