How To Use ClickFunnels For Dropshipping

The sales funnel model is already known and has proven success over the past years. But how can you take advantage of your sales funnel to scale up your drop shipping business? Let’s find out together!

March 10, 2021
Anna B

If you’re here right now it probably means you know a little bit about either ClickFunnels, dropshipping, or both. Both have been pretty big marketing buzz words for the past few years, and rightfully so. They both have the potential to make great money!

In this article we’re going to go over how to use the sales funnel software ClickFunnels to grow your dropshipping business!

So what’s the overall strategy we’re telling you about? Well, our idea is simple, yet effective! Analyze your products and your market, find the most successful ones, and sell them through a sales funnel!

The sales funnel model will allow you to guide your potential customers throughout their whole lead-customer process, and in the end, will represent an extra way of selling those hot picks.

Let’s have a look at one of the most popular sales funnels platforms out there: ClickFunnels!

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online platform that’s known for it’s ability to build sales funnels without any coding knowledge needed (it’s a simple drag and drop editor). You can either choose one of their themes for your funnel or even create and customize using advanced features to design a funnel perfect for your brand!

Once you have your desired funnel structure built, you can add that one product (and some complementary upsells/downsells) that could really scale up your sales.

The beauty of creating a sales funnel for one specific product is it runs totally independently of your main store, so you’re creating multiple ways for your customers to find and purchase from you!

Once you nail in your funnel you should also consider making it even more effective by upgrading it with conversion boosting features to make life easier for you and your customer! They will allow you, for example, to connect your funnel with your existing Shopify store and send your funnel orders into it automatically.

And once you scaled up, you will be looking for a fulfillment solution for your orders. So apps like Orderlytics or Shipstation can do that for you on auto-pilot!

ClickFunnels Pricing

Their Standard Plan goes at $97 per month. It includes 100 funnel pages and 20 individual funnels – so in theory you can have your ecommerce store, and individual sales funnels for 20 different products all at once! To get the most out of your funnel and ClickFunnels experience, you can add over 24 apps and integrations to take the headaches out of your sales funnel for only $29 per month.

Dropshipping with Shopify

If you are already in this business model, you most likely know already how things work. But for whoever has not taken that extra step yet, let’s take a look closer.

Shopify is at the moment, the best method for anyone who wants to sell things online, particularly for people who are also interested in drop-shipping. 

To start dropshipping on Shopify you just head to shopify.com set up an account and start with a 14 day free trial!

Once that’s done, you can go ahead and research these FREE Shopify Apps and how to not waste any money in your dropshipping business.

More dropshipping tips:

  • Carefully choose your suppliers! Make sure they are reputable and provide quality products.
  • Take the time to understand how the audience reacts to your products and analyze this data.
  • Always remember to offer quality services.

Are sales funnels profitable for dropshipping?

Today’s digital times can be extremely useful but difficult as well. Of course, you can run campaigns on platforms like (Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest) to pay to get traffic to your funnels, just make sure your ads are set up in a high quality way so that you can convert!

A sales funnel will increase your AOV (average order value) and at the same time keep your costs very low, which is extremely hard to find nowadays.

Is dropshipping worth it in 2021?

Dropshipping model remains one of the most popular e-commerce business models in 2021. And to give it some real-time data, more than 27% of online retailers are now considering dropshipping as one way of scaling up their business.

As long as you put in the work required and follow some basic rules for your dropshipping business, then there is no reason why dropshipping can’t be profitable for you!


The model is really simple. Without too many headaches, find out how your audience feels about your products, and use a sales funnel to scale those products up.

If it’s an already best-selling product, you can increase it’s sales. If it’s a lower sold product, then you can use the model of a sales funnel to scale it up. Either way, combining drop-shipping business with sales funnels is definitely something that you should give a try!

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